Go cleaner and greener in underground mining with GB EV

GB Electric Vehicles is the place to start when it comes to your electric vehicle requirements for deployment to underground mine sites.  As part of the GB Auto Group we have an extensive network of skilled technicians to help customise the vehicle to a specification suitable for your situation.

GB Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor in Australia for the Tembo e-LV Electric Cruiser and Electric HLX.  These are essentially battery powered 100% electric Land Cruiser and Hilux vehicles.

They are zero emissions vehicles which provide a smooth driving experience with instant torque which makes them perfect for mining situations.

Most importantly, the electric conversion offers increased performance and operational savings.  This is due to the higher reliability of the electrical components which reduces maintenance costs and operational downtime.  Energy costs are reduced because the vehicles produce less noise and heat load.  Attaining less vehicle heat load and clean air is a big challenge faced in underground mining – diesel particulate matter exposes miners to serious health risks.

‘Go electric’ and solve the emissions problem in your mine with the Tembo e-LV, the electric light vehicle developed with underground mining in mind.

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