Tembo4x4 eLV

The first Electric Cruiser from our partnership with Tembo 4×4 has arrived in our workshop in Orange!  The Electric Cruiser is engineered with the mining industry in mind – the robust LandCruiser with a 100% electric drive conversion is a winning combination which allows the vehicle to meet the desired emission standards for underground mine use.

Whilst this vehicle is the first of a number of trial vehicles in terms of deployment, by using off-the-shelf parts from the automotive industry there are no mechanical experiments, only proven technology. All parameters of the engine, such as maximum speed and torque can be customised to a setting suitable for the location in which they are being deployed.

The engine and gearbox of the original vehicle have been replaced with a completely sealed and waterproof electric unit. The higher reliability of the electrical components mean that less maintenance is required generating large savings on operational costs and leading to less downtime.

The on-board charger makes life for the operator as easy as possible, allowing the vehicle to be charged directly from the existing electrical infrastructure. Using engine braking the vehicle is able to charge its batteries, for instance on downhill sections into an underground mine. This allows for a range of around 80 km with the existing battery capacity on a full charge and is the same average range to cover one shift underground.

We look forward to sharing the results of the trial.